Machine Enclosure Guarding

Locations that contain very large moving assemblies may require an enclosure guarding system. This technique, also known as barrier guarding or area guarding, creates a large barrier around the entire assembly instead of just the hazard location.

Access points to the enclosure should be secured following company policy, such as a personal or departmental lock. When entering the enclosure, maintenance staff must remain aware of hazard locations as they are now accessible.

The enclosure shown in these images is made from yellow thermoplastic coated wire mesh panels and aluminum support frames. The mesh panels allow for visibility and air flow into the enclosed area while providing strength and durability.

The perimeter of the enclosure must still maintain a safe distance from all hazard locations and prevent access into the hazard location from outside the perimeter.

Enclosures should be designed and installed in such a fashion that entrances, exits, and emergency equipment are not blocked or made inaccessible.

Machine point guarding is often accomplished using off-the-shelf guards while enclosure guarding is unique to each installation and requires additional engineering and design.

It is possible that a combined solution of enclosure guarding and point guarding may provide the most comprehensive solution as recommended by the ANSI B11.19-2010 standards.

Enclosure Guarding, Before and After

Enclosure Guarding