Plastic Mesh Coupling Cover

This water treatment facility had a cast pump housing with a coupling that required guarding.

The shape of the housing and the constant rotation of the coupling provided an opportunity to use perforated plastic mesh as a guarding material.

The plastic mesh was used as a template for locating the mounting points on the cast iron housing, which was then drilled and tapped to accept the button headed cap screws used with the safety captured fastener system recommended by Machine Guard & Cover Company.

The safety captured fastener system not only prevents accidental guard removal but also keeps all of the mounting components in place, preventing their loss or damage to the equipment. The fasteners are easily installed directly onto the mesh using the handle of a screwdriver with interchangeable heads.

The perforated plastic mesh guards can now be installed directly onto the cast iron pump housing and the process can be repeated on all other guarding locations.

The plastic mesh material can be easily modified on site with common tools, such as heavy-duty scissors, to allow for fit around some of the housing’s plumbing.

With the rest of the mounting points drilled and tapped on the housing and the fastener system properly installed, the perforated mesh material can be screwed onto the cast pump housing and the installation is complete.