Safety Captured Fasteners

Our Safety Captured Fastener program has been designed for the maximum convenience of maintenance personnel while at the same time conforming to the most rigid “hand tool needed for removal” interpretation of OSHA regulations (ASME B15.1b-2000 Section E 3.2.1 Guards, Section c).

At this time the Safety Captured Fastener program is only available on our flanged machine guards.

This system includes holes drilled for the fasteners, clip-on receptacles on the backplate, and ¼-20 fasteners attached to the guard. The ¼-20 fasteners are matched to the thickness of the guard and backplate for a snug fit, and must be turned with a Phillips screwdriver. They are permanently installed with push retainers so they cannot detach easily.

Machine Guard & Cover also develops custom fastener systems for specific needs. Please contact Machine Guard & Cover if you need a solution for fastening a machine guard.