Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a plastic machine guard or cover?

In addition to being lightweight and durable, there are many plastic machine guard advantages.

Do your guards come with backplates? Are backplates necessary?

Backplates are often necessary in many, but not all, guard applications. We sell guards and backplates separately.

Are your guards and backplates pre-drilled with shaft or mounting holes?

Not normally. They are easily modified with normal wood or metal working tools. We can put in holes, slots, and otherwise customize parts for an extra charge.

How do we set up an account?

We need to see three good credit references. You can speed up the process by sending credit references with or before an initial order. Our standard terms are net 30 days upon approval of credit references. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

Are prints available? CAD prints? Which format?

We can fax or send PDF prints by e-mail, or e-mail AutoCad DXF files of any stock product. We can create solid models (with SolidWorks®) if necessary for large projects.

Can I send you prints in CAD format?

Yes, we can read prints in most formats.

What kind of prints or drawings do you need to tool a custom part?

We have made tools from simple hand drawn sketches, and still can for simple projects. For more complex projects we prefer working with solid models in IGES or STEP format.

Are your guards OSHA approved?

OSHA does not approve guards. Our guards and other products, if installed correctly, meet OSHA requirements for most applications. For more information see OSHA Machine Guarding Standards.

How do I size a machine guard?

See our machine guard sizing worksheets for instructions on how to measure for a machine safety guard or cover.