Machine Point Guarding

Point guarding addresses a single hazard location of a power transmission system with a physical barrier. This is a very common type of machine guarding solution.

Point guarding has many benefits in addition to the safety provided by the guard.

  • Maintenance staff and operators can work close to a machine to perform their tasks.
  • Point Guarding can be inexpensive compared to machine enclosure guarding with off-the-shelf solutions available.
  • The hazard location is secured with minimum engineering.
  • Point guards can usually be installed by onsite maintenance staff with standard tools and fasteners.

Other safety systems including light curtains, two-hand controls, and other sensor systems approach the safety of the location by interrupting operation when the sensors are activated. These systems are likely significantly higher in cost than a physical guard and may not be applicable in all situations. They may also require additional skilled technicians that may not be part of the onsite maintenance team.

All hazard locations must be eliminated to provide a complete solution and provide the safest environment. A safety audit should be performed to identify each hazard location in the environment.

Point Guarding: Hydroelectric Shaft, Before and After

Point Guarding: Generator Belt Guard, Before and After

Point Guarding: Bearing Cover, Before and After

Point Guarding: Belt Guard, Before and After