Machine Guard & Cover makes a variety of non-metallic machine guards and bearing covers. We make guards for chain, belt and gear drive power transmission systems. We make bearing and coupling guards, conveyor covers, drip trays and custom parts.

Our machine guards meet OSHA safety guard standards if the guards are installed in accordance with the relevant standards.

We have years of experience in custom plastic vacuum forming and solving our customer’s machine guarding needs.

Machine Point Guarding

Machine Point Guarding

Point guarding addresses a single hazard location of a power transmission system with a physical barrier. This is a very common type of machine guarding solution. Point guarding has many benefits in addition to the safety provided by the guard. Maintenance staff and operators can work close to a machine to perform their tasks. Point …

Enclosure Guarding

Machine Enclosure Guarding

Locations that contain very large moving assemblies may require an enclosure guarding system. This technique, also known as barrier guarding or area guarding, creates a large barrier around the entire assembly instead of just the hazard location. Access points to the enclosure should be secured following company policy, such as a personal or departmental lock. …