Machine Guard Customization

Machine Guard & Cover Co. is able to add mounting holes, adjust the flange width, add hinges, fasteners, or use our CNC router to custom trim a standard part. We can also supply gaskets and extruded aluminum framework to best suit your application’s installation needs.

Below are some examples of customized machine guards:

Standard Machine Guard with Slots

Slots can be added using our CNC router. We usually recommend ordering at least five to ten pieces in order to make the CNC setup cost affordable. For smaller quantities, we may be able to add slots by hand layout.

Custom Ring with Riv-Nuts

Because we cannot weld nuts into plastic, we have designed other ways to add fasteners to our parts. This custom ring has riv-nuts in four places, plus a custom slot and trim. Several of our custom parts use riv-nuts. Other ways we add fasteners is with our safety captured fastener program, and with our unflanged guards and backplates. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding fasteners.

Expanded Metal Venting, Glued on Backplate

When airflow is needed in an application, we can add expanded metal mesh for venting purposes. A manufacturer of furnaces uses this guard, and airflow to the fan is very important. We’ve also glued on a backplate that was cut out by the CNC. Our fabrication uses a high-strength two-part adhesive.


Small guards can have stand-offs added for additional strength as well as mounting purposes. This particular part is mounted directly through the center of the part, using the stand-off.