Installing a Coupling Cover

Despite the inherent hazard of motor couplings, Machine Guard & Cover Co. finds many couplings improperly guarded or completely unguarded during site visits. Couplings are both exposed shafts and grab points that present hazards to anybody with loose clothing, hair or laces. In most cases where an attempt at guarding has been made, a piece of sheet metal is bent to cover the spinning shaft. Not only can this improvised guard not cover all the hazard areas of the spinning coupling, it can also be easily removed and present safety hazards to those working around the equipment.

The Custom Coupling Cover solutions offered by Machine Guard & Cover Co. are a cost effective way of fully guarding the exposed shaft and grab points of a coupling cover. Thermoformed components save space and our Safety Captured Fastener System helps to prevent unauthorized removal of the guarding components or loss of fasteners. These features, when installed properly can lead to a safer work environment and meet OSHA and ANSI B11.19 safety standards.

Coupling Cover Installation

Machine Guard & Cover Co. recently visited a site where this exact guarding solution was needed for motor couplings that transfer power to fuel and bilge pumps on a crane barge. Since all of Machine Guard & Cover Company’s components can easily be modified on site, installation was quick, easy and simple. Proper installation of the guarding meant that all the safety components fit securely in place and had no gaps to potentially expose the safety hazard. This means the motor, pump and coupling now comply with OSHA and ANSI B11.19 safety standards. In just under ten minutes the Coupling Cover was installed and a formerly unguarded piece of equipment is now safe to work around.

The spinning components of motor couplings create a catch point for hands, tools, hair and loose clothing. Coupling covers from Machine Guard & Cover Co. are easy to install and protect those working around this equipment from accidental injury in the workplace.