Plastic Machine Guards and Bearing Covers

Plastic Machine GuardsOur standard plastic machine guards and bearing covers are thermoformed or fabricated from strong 3/16″ ABS with a scratch resistant hair-cell finish on the outside. We also offer transparent FDA food contact approved PETG plastic. For customers looking to make our plastic machine guards part of their product we offer free samples for testing.

Heat and Chemical Resistant

Kydex and PETG are resistant to many chemical compounds. ABS can withstand temperatures to 200°F. PETG can withstand up to 180°F. Kydex has a fire resistance rating of UL Std. 94 V-0, 5V.

Food Contact Approved Material

Our PETG and blue metal detectable ABS plastics are FDA approved for certain pharmaceutical and food applications. Contact us for specific details.


Plastic guards flex to absorb impact and never rust!


Plastic is lightweight and durable. ABS and PETG plastic guards are flexible to absorb both impact and sound. Company logos can be easily formed into the guard.


Plastic guards are especially useful in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, and can be sterilized with steam and most detergent solutions.

Replace Stainless Steel

Save money by switching from stainless steel or aluminum to guards molded from our thick plastics. Our parts are lighter, and absorb both sound and impact. It is not uncommon to save 50% off the rising costs of fabricated stainless steel or cast aluminum guards.

Plastic machine guards help to make a better work environment. Improve the quality of your equipment by choosing plastic safety guards over metal guards.

Plastic Machine Guard Durability