Plastic Machine Guards and Bearing Covers

Plastic Machine GuardsOur standard plastic machine guards and bearing covers are thermoformed or fabricated from strong 3/16″ ABS with a scratch resistant hair-cell finish on the outside. We also offer transparent FDA food contact approved PETG plastic. For customers looking to make our plastic machine guards part of their product we offer free samples for testing.

Advantages of Plastic Machine Guards

  • ABS and PETG plastic guards are flexible to absorb both impact and sound.
  • Plastic does not rust.
  • Plastic is lightweight and durable.
  • Company logos can be easily formed into the guard.
  • No unfinished edges or rough corners to catch passing materials.
  • ABS can withstand 200° F, with brief exposures up to 230° F.

Plastic machine guards help to make a better work environment. Improve the quality of your equipment by choosing plastic safety guards over metal guards.

Plastic Machine Guard Durability