Machine Guard & Cover, Co. Critical Infrastructure Statement

Dear valued customer / supplier,

As you know with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic many people have been asked or required to limit personal contact and stay home.

Machine Guard & Cover Co. is a critical source of components and solutions to the food service, transportation, manufacturing, and power generation industries and as such is designated as critical infrastructure and will remain open.

MGC has been focused on prioritizing the manufacture of products for other critical infrastructure organizations and the engineering of several new product lines designed to decrease potential exposure to airborne contaminants. The prioritization of these projects may delay the manufacture and shipment of non-critical components for a what is hoped to be a short time.

Additionally, our suppliers have also confirmed their status as critical infrastructure and MGC does not foresee any issues with the supply chain. Please continue to adhere to recommendations for preventing and containing COVID-19 as everyone’s health and safety is a top priority.

Bill LaBarge
Machine Guard & Cover Co.