Custom Machine Guard Fabrication

Extra large guards and square boxes may be fabricated instead of thermoformed. Components can be glued together with a two-part high-strength adhesive or multiple guards can be attached with hardware to make a larger assembly.

Here are examples of a few of the custom fabricated machine guards we have made.

Transparent Guard with Glued-in Guide

This is a tight tolerance part we make for a machinery manufacturer. The guide must be glued in precisely to guide the customer’s product as it exits the machine.

Replica of Existing Machine Cover

A distributor for Machine Guard & Cover Co. sent a product that their customer wanted manufactured, an exact replica of an existing cover. The existing cover was made from thin-gauge fiberglass. It was missing parts, broken, patched, and in an overall state of disrepair.

MG&C was able to take measurements from the existing part to create a print for approval. The distributor and their customer approved the print prior to production and fabrication of the parts.

The large base of the part was fabricated from heavy duty ¼” black ABS plastic. Each seam is bonded using a high-strength two-part adhesive. The smaller cover pieces were thermoformed for efficiency and cost-savings. Each small cover is removable for accessing the machine.

Both the distributor and their customer were incredibly pleased with the final product.

Fabricated Boxes

For a low-cost, low-volume custom solution, MG&C specializes in fabricating plastic parts. Our ABS, PETG, and polycarbonate materials all work well with plastic fabrication. Our fabrications are done according to an approved print/drawing from the customer.

Customization is also possible for fabricated parts. MG&C can add hinges, holes, slots, handles, among other types of hardware. The mounting flanges can also be customized.

If a standard guard size isn’t listed, MG&C will often use a fabricated box to the customer’s dimensions. They are also the basis of our fabricated coupling cover family as well as our take-up bearing cover family.