Materials and Colors

Machine Guard & Cover forms and fabricates from several types of plastic.

Black ABS 3/16″ is our most common material and most cost-effective material. This material is preferred for outdoor applications due to superior UV resistance.

Yellow ABS 3/16″ is a great impact-resistant material with a safety yellow color. This material is also an FDA food grade approved material.

Orange ABS 3/16″ is a tough material with a safety orange color.

Transparent PETG 3/16″ boasts great impact strength and chemical resistance. This material is also an FDA food contact approved material.

KYDEX Yellow ΒΌ” is fire resistant according to UL Std. 94 V-0, 5V. KYDEX also has superior chemical resistance.

Metal detectable blue ABS plastic is an option for the lightweight 2-Bolt, 3-Bolt, 4-Bolt and Round Bearing Cover families. This new material is an excellent alternative in the food and pharmaceutical industries where traditionally, an all metal guard would be required. Following the current industry practice of using a highly visual material, guards in this material are available in blue only.

Other material gauges or material types may be available upon request.