4-Bolt Bearing Covers – Lightweight

4-Bolt Bearing Cover

Available in 3/16″ heavyweight plastic and 1/8″ lightweight plastic. The lightweight material is intended for less abusive environments.

For tall shafts, height can be added just to the round top part of the cover.

All dimensions are measured from the inside at the smallest point.

Gasket options are available for this product family. Contact Machine Guard & Cover for details.

Note: part of the flange can be trimmed if there are interference issues.

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4-Bolt Bearing Covers - Lightweight

Part NumberLength "C"Width "B"Cover Height "A"Shaft Height "J"Inside Diameter "L"Series Number
4BDSC204L3 7/163 1/41 1/222204
4BDSC205L4 1/44 1/161 1/222205
4BDSC206L4 1/441 1/222206
4BHCRX 1-7/16L4 5/84 3/8233 1/4B25ORX1 7/16
4BDSC207L4 13/164 9/161 1/233 1/2207
4BDSC208L5 1/451 3/433 3/8208
4BDSC209L5 3/85 1/423 1/23 3/8209
Part NumberLength "C"Width "B"Cover Height "A"Shaft Height "J"Inside Diameter "L"Series Number
4BHCRX 1-7/16L117111517683B25ORX1 7/16