Coupling Cover Fabricated Box

Coupling Cover Fabricated Box

Coupling Cover Fabricated Boxes are the most customizable coupling cover Machine Guard & Cover makes. Simply send us the dimensions, and we will fabricate a box to fit your needs. These coupling cover fabricated boxes allow us to give you a semi-custom part for a reasonable price. The coupling cover fabricated boxes are manufactured from our standard materials and a high-strength adhesive.

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    Part NumberHeight "A"Width "B"Length "C"Slot "S"Slot "S1"Height to Center "M"Center to Top "G"
    CCFB-16Up to 16"Up to 16"Up to 16VariableVariableVariableVariable
    CCFB-24Up to 24"Up to 24"Up to 24VariableVariableVariableVariable
    CCFB-32Up to 32"Up to 32"Up to 24VariableVariableVariableVariable
    CCFB-36Up to 36"Up to 36"Up to 24VariableVariableVariableVariable