Curved Conveyor Covers – Lightweight

Curved Conveyor Cover

Curved conveyor covers are especially popular in food and pharmaceutical processing plants.

Our transparent PETG material is FDA food grade approved, and much cheaper than stainless steel.

Curved conveyor covers can easily be fabricated with customized degrees of turn.

Combine curved conveyor covers with straight conveyor covers for covering your entire conveyor system.

Available in our standard 3/16″ heavyweight plastic and 1/8″ lightweight plastic. The lightweight material is intended for less abusive environments.

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    Curved Conveyor Covers - Lightweight

    Part NumberHeight to Top "A"Height to Shoulder "D"Width "B"Extension "E"Extension "E1"Radius Centerline "G"Degree of Turn "J"
    CRR2.50524L2 1/21 1/25202490
    CRR2.5087.2L2 1/217 3/4227 1/4180
    CRR2.5088.2L2 1/217 3/4338 1/4180
    CRR2.50811L2 1/217 3/43311180
    CRR2.50824L2 1/217 3/4222490
    CRR30924L31 3/49 1/4002490
    Part NumberHeight to Top "A"Height to Shoulder "D"Width "B"Extension "E"Extension "E1"Radius Centerline "G"Degree of Turn "J"