Plummer Pillow Block Bearing Covers

Plummer Pillow Block Bearing Cover

For covering plummer style pillow block bearings. One or both ends of the guard can be opened for a through shaft.

All dimensions are measured from the inside at the smallest point. Dimensions E and E1 are optional extensions. Please call for further information.

For installation instructions, see our flanged bearing cover installation guide.

If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call!

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    Part NumberHeight "A"Overall Width "B"Center Width "K"Length "C"Height to Center "M"BrandSeriesExtension "E"Extension "E 1"
    PBSMRPB203H5 1/853 1/4102 1/2SealMasterRPB 22.1252.125
    PBSKFSNL516-613H7 1/45 1/24 11/1612 15/163 3/4SKFSNL 516-6132.18752.1875
    SPBSKFSNL516H7 5/85 13/163 5/812 5/83 3/4SKFSNL 5164.52.75
    PBSKFSNL522-619H9 11/166 1/25 3/1616 9/164 15/16SKFSNL 522-6192.6252.625
    PBSKFSNL-526H11 5/87 1/45 11/1618 3/85 15/16SKFSNL 5263.253.25
    PBSKFSNL-3140H16 1/2109 1/4258SKFSNL 314000
    SPBSKFSAF236H15 1/415 1/4927 3/47 1/2SKFSAF 236SkabbardSkabbard
    Part NumberHeight "A"Overall Width "B"Center Width "K"Length "C"Height to Center "M"BrandSeriesExtension "E"Extension "E 1"
    PBSMRPB203H1301278325464SealMasterRPB 22.1252.125
    PBSKFSNL516-613H18414011932995SKFSNL 516-6132.18752.1875
    SPBSKFSNL516H1941489232195SKFSNL 5164.52.75
    PBSKFSNL522-619H246165132421125SKFSNL 522-6192.6252.625
    PBSKFSNL-526H295184144467151SKFSNL 5263.253.25
    PBSKFSNL-3140H419254235635203SKFSNL 314000
    SPBSKFSAF236H387387229705191SKFSAF 236SkabbardSkabbard