3-Bolt Flange Bracket Bearing Covers

3-Bolt Flange Bracket Bearing Cover

3-Bolt flange bracket bearing coversĀ or bearing caps are for covering 3-bolt offset bearings.

Increase the life of your bearings by keeping them clean with bearing covers.

Flange bracket bearing covers are usually fastened to the structure the bearing is attached to by the flange, drilling two holes in the flange and the underlying structure. It is advised to use self-tapping screws or nuts and bolts.

Note: Part of the flange can be trimmed if there are interference issues.

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    Part NumberLength "C"Width "B"Cover Height "A"Shaft Height "J"Inside Diameter "L"Series Number
    3BOSAMIUCFB2014 1/22 1/21 1/82 1/41 3/8AMI 201
    3BOKLM2044 15/162 11/161 1/41 7/83KLM204
    3BOKLM2055 7/162 5/81 3/823 1/8KLM205
    3BOKML2065 3/431 1/22 1/43 1/2KLM206
    3BOSMF2363 3/41 1/22 1/23 3/4F23
    3BOKLM2076 7/83 3/41 3/42 1/24 1/8KLM207
    3BOSMF317 1/241 1/234 1/2F31
    3BOKLM2108 1/44 1/21 3/42 5/85KLM210
    3BOSLBFBB226318 1/84 5/81 3/1644 3/4Rexnord 22631
    Part NumberLength "C"Width "B"Cover Height "A"Shaft Height "J"Inside Diameter "L"Series Number
    3BOSAMIUCFB20111464295735AMI 201
    3BOSLBFBB2263120611730102121Rexnord 22631