3-Bolt Bearing Covers

3-Bolt Bearing Cover

3-Bolt bearing coversĀ or bearing caps are for covering 3-bolt flanged bearings.

Bearing covers protect bearings from environmental hazards.

3-Bolt bearing covers are usually fastened to the structure the bearing is attached to by the flange, drilling two holes in the flange and the underlying structure. It is advised to use self-tapping screws or nuts and bolts. For further installation instructions, see our flanged bearing cover installation guide.

Available in our standard 3/16″ heavyweight plastic and 1/8″ lightweight plastic.

Note: Part of the flange can be trimmed if there are interference issues.

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    3-Bolt Bearing Covers - Heavyweight

    Part NumberOverall DiameterCover Height "A"Shaft Height "J"Center to Corner "T"Inside Diameter "L"Series Number
    3BDSCLF204H3 1/211 3/41 3/42 5/16SC LF
    3BDSCLF205H3 15/161 1/421 7/82 9/16SC LF
    3BDSCLF206H4 5/161 1/422 1/162 166/177SC LF
    3BDSCLF207H4 3/41 1/422 1/43 5/16SC LF
    3BBRB33-119MH3 3/81 1/41 3/42 1/23 5/16SC LF
    3BBRB33-123MH3 3/41 1/422 15/163 5/16SC LF
    3BIPTCI207-23H61 1/422 1/23 3/4SC LF
    Part NumberOverall DiameterCover Height "A"Shaft Height "J"Center to Corner "T"Inside Diameter "L"Series Number
    3BDSCLF204H8925444459SC LF
    3BDSCLF205H10032514865SC LF
    3BDSCLF206H11032515275SC LF
    3BDSCLF207H12132515784SC LF
    3BBRB33-119MH8632446484SC LF
    3BBRB33-123MH9532517584SC LF
    3BIPTCI207-23H15232516495SC LF