Custom Vacuum Forming

Machine Guard and Cover Company does far more than plastic machine safety guards. We also do custom vacuum forming and plastic fabrication. We can create custom vacuum formed solutions for almost any plastic fabrication need. If you need a plastic prototype for a project, we can do that as well.

Here is a small sampling of the custom thermoformed parts we make.

Standard Machine Guard with Slots

In small quantities we would take a standard machine guard and just add the slots on one of our CNC Routers. For larger quantities we would make a 2-up tool, cut the guard in half and add the slots.

Keyhole Slots

A standard round flanged cover with custom keyhole slots put in by one of our CNC Routers.

Venting Slots

This custom cover has venting slots put in by our CNC Router. This is one of the ways we provide extra venting when it is needed.

Custom Ring with Riv-Nuts

You cannot weld nuts into plastic, but you can accomplish the same thing using other methods. This custom ring has Riv-Nuts in four places, plus a custom slot and trim. Several of our custom parts use Riv-Nuts. Other ways we put nuts on include the extruded U nuts we use in our safety captured fastener program, with our U-shaped machine guards and backplates, and with other custom products. Please contact Machine Guard & Cover if you need a solution for fastening a machine guard.

Cover for Floor Care Machines

These custom covers for a floor care machine are trimmed into two different versions for two different machines. They are made in a custom gray because the volume is high enough to be able to afford a custom color. We also vacuum form a little door for a storage compartment.

Transparent Guard with Glued-in Guide

This is a tight tolerance part we make for a machinery manufacturer. The guide must be glued in precisely to guide the customer’s product as it exits the machine.

Bottle Cap Sorter Component

This part was originally made of stainless steel, and the V-shaped pieces were machined Phenolic. We replaced this very expensive assembly with a one-piece custom thermoformed plastic part.

Cover for Bicycle Motor

This little OEM makes conversion kits to allow your bicycle to be powered by a small gasoline engine. We supply hundreds of this thin, totally custom vacuum formed part each year.

Expanded Metal Venting, Glued on Backplate

We make four versions of this machine guard. This guards a fan on a furnace, and airflow into the fan is very important. We cannot make a one-piece assembly with undercuts, but we can glue parts on. We make the back for this guard on a CNC and then glue it on.


Sometimes you want to fasten a guard with something through the middle. If additional support is needed we can glue in a stand-off like we do for these small, custom vacuum formed plastic guards.

Transparent Hopper

Our client’s customers like being able to see the bottle caps being dispensed in this custom thermoformed hopper. These hoppers have been made in lots of five at a time. The plastic is Transparent FDA Food Contact Approved PETG, and the glue is a FDA Food Contact Approved glue as well.

Thermoforming a Custom Machine Guard in Transparent PETG