Machine Guard & Cover makes a variety of non-metallic machine guards and bearing covers. We make guards for chain, belt and gear drive power transmission systems. We make bearing and coupling guards, conveyor roofs, drip trays and custom parts.

Our machine guards meet OSHA safety guard standards if the guards are installed in accordance with the relevant standards.

We have years of experience in custom plastic vacuum forming and solving our customer’s machine guarding needs.

OSHA Safety Fee Violation Increases in 2016

The bipartisan budget, passed by both the House and the Senate and signed by President Obama on November 2, 2015, contains provisions that will raise OSHA penalties for the first time in 25 years. The changes in the budget go into effect in 2016, with the new penalties coming into effect by August 1, 2016. …

Generator Turbine Shaft

Case Study: Hydroelectric Plant Shaft Guard

Machine Guard & Cover Co. specializes in both stock machine guards and bearing covers, as well as in-house tooling and manufacturing of custom parts. The Challenge Low head hydraulic power plants have turbines set at or close to the discharge level of the water, with a generator placed above the turbine. (See Figure 1) These …